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Unreal Palace

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These Next codes are for both Unreal and UT.
Press "~" or press "tab" to input these codes,
allammo = 999 ammo
god = invincibility
invisible 1 = turn yourself invisible
invisible 0 = reappear
behindview 1 = see yourself from behind
behindview 0 = return to first person view
set ammo ammoamount **** = put the ammount in the **** and that is how much every weapon will get.

These codes are for Unreal only.
set stinger projectileclass unrealshare.Dammo5
set stinger altprojectileclass unrealshare.tazerproj
set tazerproj damage 1000000000
set asmd hitdamage 99999999
summon automag
summon stinger
summon asmd
summon eightball
summon flakcannon
summon razorjack
summon gesbiorifle
summon rifle
summon minigun
summon searchlight
summon dampener
set dampener charge 9999999999999999999999
summon amplifier
set amplifier charge 99999999999999999999
summon shieldbelt
summon powershield
set shieldbelt charge 9999999
set powershield charge 9999999

These are UT only.
loaded = all weapons (except redeemer and instagib)
summon botpack.enforcer
summon botpack.gesbiorifle
summon botpack.shockrifle
summon botpack.pulsegun
summon botpack.ripper
summon botpack.ut_flakcannon
summon botpack.sniperrifle
summon botpack.ut_eightball
summon botpack.minigun2
summon botpack.warheadlauncher
summon botpack.ut_shieldbelt
summon botpack.ut_jumpboots
summon botpack.ut_stealth
summon botpack.supershockrifle
summon botpack.warshell
set pulsegun projectileclass botpack.warshell
set shockrifle hitdamage 1000000000

Ok the next cheat you need to edit your user.ini which I suggest you back up.


Open up your user.ini with notepad.  Find the lines that say this:



Replace those lines with these lines:

Aliases[26]=(Command="SetDesiredFov 15",Alias=Zoom)
Aliases[27]=(Command="SetDesiredFov 90",Alias=Out)

Next, in your Unreal/UT system folder, creat two new text documents using notepad. Title the first file Zoom and the second file Out. In Zoom.txt type this:


set input middlemouse exec out.txt

Then open up Out.txt and type in these lines:


set input middlemouse exec zoom.txt

Once you ar in Unreal or UT press tab and type:

exec zoom.txt

and you should zoom in on whatever you are viewing and from then on each time you press the middlemouse button you will either zoom in or zoom out. Also you can set any button you want to zoom with by replacing middlemouse with the name of the button. And you can set the FOV by changing the 90 and the 15 to whatever you want (remember the higher the value the more you see). With this cheat you can zoom with ANY weapon from ANY mod/mut, or just for scoping out things.