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Psi Weapon Dreams v1.02

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Psi Weapon Dreams v1.02

Name:  Psi Weapon Dreams v1.02
Review Score: 96 out of 100
Version: 1.02
Creator: Torok `PSI-Shock` Zsolt
Creator's Website: http://www.suonline.net/~zero/

Download PSI Weapon Dreams v1.02

Check out the review at Modsquad

Psi Weapon Dreams v1.02 is a weapons mod for UT. It is a VERY excellent mod for UT. Infact, it is one of the best I have seen for UT. Ive played this mod in a few CTF levels and it works best in CTF-Face,CTF-Face][, and CTF-Face3 (goto UT Links to get that one). an dit works so well because of the Prisma Gun and EMP Rifle. This mod I would class as a superior to U4eT which is a good mod but this mod. phew kicks the hell out of U4eT. Not only are there the weaps that come with it. but there are new health items, new shield and a new amp, but well your gonna need to find them out on your own. There are also some relics. Relic of Poison, Titan Relic, Relic of HellSpeed and Relic of Vengance. All the weapons are nice. the one i dislike is the Nail Gun, its projectile is just a Tentacle projectile. My fav weapon in the EMP Rifle. It is a nice long range and short distance weap. The Dream Weaver, if you have a fast pc with a good video card, its a nice weapon. If you ahve a shity pc and bad video card, it will lag your pc. Overall this mod is pretty incredible. I suggest that every UT player should get it. And maby i wonder if Torok `PSI-Shock` Zsolt will make it for UT2k3 also.

PSI Weapon Dreams v1.02 Information

Elector Magnetic Pulse Rifle (EMP Rifle for short)


Future Shock


Chain Gun


Peace Maker


Soul Reaver


Buster Rocket Launcher


Lightning Force


Prisma Gun


Nail Gun